Services Offered

GASL has its offices beneath the boarding bridge 7 at the HSIA and also in the cargo village. Our staffs are experienced, dedicated and fulltime.

Overflight and Landing Permission

GASL takes the pride to have the permissions for overflight and landing permits for any aircraft promptly.

Technical Stops

GASL service for Technical stops is available for any airport of Bangladesh including those of Dhaka (VGZR), Chottogram (VGEG), and Sylhet (VGSY).

Freighter Handling Operation

GASL has vast experience in handling charter Freighter operation in Dhaka for a long time. Oryx Aviation Ltd another sister organization of GASL acts as a cargo GSA of Qatar Airways in Bangladesh. It is well equipped experience, logistics and manpower to provide you with efficient handling of your freighter operation.

Ground Handling Support

The ground handling support staffs of GASL comprises of the most experienced full-service ground handling organizations. Our staff is known for their ability to turn any aircraft around quickly and safely during a full-service technical stop. We can ensure a turnaround time of 30 minutes for any small aircraft.

Fuel Support

Padma Fuel is the only supplier of aviation fuel in Bangladesh. GASL has pretty good understanding with Padma oil through which we can ensure prompt supply of fuel at the Bangladesh Government approved rate of sale of fuel.

Air Ambulance Operation

GASL Operation team is available 24/7/365 for any planned, unplanned, emergency or air ambulance requirement. We also provide Air Ambulance to interested parties to hire for uplifting of patients for Thailand, Singapore or India. This service consists of Bed-to Bed service.

Hangar Space

GASL can provide arrangement for overnight parking inside a hanger at Dhaka and Chottagram on basis of customer need. This arrangement shall be available for inspection and repair also.

Catering Service

The Way Dhaka is a 5 star Boutique Hotel situated at the road no 54 Gulshan. It is a sister organization of GASL. GASL has the unique opportunity to provide in flight catering for your aircraft with the menu preffered by you. Besides, your choice for getting the catering from BFCC stands by.


The Way Dhaka is 42 room boutique hotel ideal for your crew or passengers to stay and relax. .The Way Dhaka provides airport pick and drop 24/7.

Other Facilities

Wheel Chair Services
Customs & Immigration Formalities
On arrival visa for Crew & Passenger Meet & Greet services.
ICU Ground Ambulance Service for Air Ambulance
FPL Filing to ATC for quick turnaround
Provision of Transport for Crew and Passengers
Security Arrangements
Cargo/ cargo loading/unloading and Baggage Services
Visa On Arrival arrangements
Crew transport arrangement
Service desk
VIP handling
Passenger check-in

Procedure for Overflight and Landing Permits

GASL Operations team provides comprehensive briefings for crews, complete with current weather maps, NOTAM and flight plan filing, Movement messages are promptly provided to base operations, ensuring that interested parties are kept apprised of an aircraft's whereabouts.

Following information are required for processing an Overflight and Landing permissions:

 Name of Operator and Billing Address  Registration of Aircraft  Aircraft Call Sign  MTOW  Purpose  Itinerary

Documents required

 AOC  Aircraft Registration Certificate  Noise certificate  Airworthiness Certificate  Certificate of Insurance  Aircraft Operational Specification Certificate  Radio  EGPWS  TCAS

An understanding of Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh specific procedures and restrictions is important while obtaining landing permissions. Our expertise and resources together with an understanding of Bangladesh cultural norms allows us to acquire flight permission quickly.

Payment Facility

There are published rate of charges for overflight, landing, parking, night stay etc. Besides, any aircraft landing in any Bangladesh airport are obliged to receive ground handling facilities from the only officially recognized GHA ie Biman Bangladesh Airlines. It has also got a published rate of Ground handling charges depending on the AUW of the aircraft. These payments are required to be cleared before filing of the flight plan. GASL shall perform all the above task on your behalf.

GASL prefers to come to an agreement with your organization prior to taking up the above mentioned jobs. Besides the compulsory payment we shall charge a nominal charge for our services. We are ready to transact this billing cash at the airport or we can come to an agreement with a credit facility for a month or so.